How to Avoid and Stop Curly Lace Wigs Human Hair Tangle

How to Avoid and Stop Curly Lace Wigs Human Hair Tangle

As you know, most curly lace wigs are at least four processed: first step to color the hair before making the wig,second step to process is cleaning the hair, and a third process to curl the hair,the fourth process is bleaching knots.Proper cleaning and conditioning of curly lace wigs will ensure that the human hair lace wig can last for many years,the human hair wigs with same quality but bad hair care condition maybe will last less than 6 months.
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How to Wash a Curly Human Hair Lace Wig:

It's important to wash curly hair when you are not wearing it. Many women have their own schedule for washing and conditioning the hair, but it is best to clean the hair when it is not being worn so that the shampoo does not interfere with adhesives or tapes which are typically used to secure the human hair wig. do not use shampoos with heavy synthetics and parabens by using shampoos that are sulfate-free. Sulfate-free shampoo will not strip the hair or cause any hair damage.
Pour the sulfate-free shampoo into a spray bottle fixed with a spray pump. This particular type of spray pump will infuse the shampoo with air, and diluting shampoo. Diluted shampoo can wash gently, and still effective.
Use wide tooth comb to brush out the curly lace wigs, remove any knots and tangles. Secure the wig onto a wig head. Spraying the shampoo onto the wig hair until it is completely saturated. This part can be a bit messy, it is better to spray the wig outside or in a big basin.
Let the shampoo to stay on the wig for minutes. Do not brush, comb the wig. Wet hair is easily stretched and can cause tangling problem.
Turn on the wig head, and rinse the wig with lukewarm water. Spray the shampoo solution one more time if there is product buildup on the hair. Allow the shampoo to stay on the wig for some minutes, before rinsing it with lukewarm water one more time.
How To Condition Curly Human Hair Lace Wig:

Conditioning is quite important to ensure smooth, springy curls. but lots of women don't care of it or rush it. It is important to use a silicon-based conditioner. Silicon will create a protective barrier for hair. Many wig shampoos are formulated with silicon, but conditioner made with a gentle silicon like behenoxy dimethicone or stearoxy dimethicone can condition the hair better, they won't cause product buildup on hair.

Pour some silicon-based conditioner into a spray bottle which was fixed with a foam spray pump.
Start spraying this solution onto the wig hair. Allow this solution to sit on the hair for mins.
With the shower head, rinse the wig with cool water. Cool water can close the cuticle of the hair, make the hair more smooth. Remove the wig from the wig head, and gently squeeze out excess water with a towel.

Curly human hair wigs yearn for moisture, and using a rich leave-in conditioner solve this problem. Leave in conditioners will prevent tangles, we can use a  wide-tooth comb to glide through the hair,this can detangle the hair.

After applying the leave-in conditioner, start combing the hair from the tips, and move up to the base of the hair. Remember to only focus most of the leave-in conditioner on the tips of the hair. Too much conditioners on the actual lace will cause the knots on the lace wig to unravel, leading to bald spots.

Only use a blow dryer when in a pinch. Air drying your unit will create smooth curls. A hot blow dryer can cause the cuticle to lift, disrupting the natural pattern on your curly units. Keep those cuticles closed and aligned by forgoing the blow dryer for a fan placed next to the unit.

Night Routine to Prevent Hair Tangle:

Women sleep with the human hair wig,we sholud take more care and routine for avoiding tangle. cotton-based pillowcase will rob moisture from your hair without being separated, and to tension caused by your movements when sleep. All of these can cause excessive tangling and dryness, cutting the last time of human hair wigs.
For long curly wig, it is better to part the hair in half, and braid two large braids. To ensure that the hair does not crankle as you sleep. As you braid the hair, apply a bit of conditioner to the hair so that the hair is conditioned when sleep. Once you are done braiding the hair, wrap the hair braids along your head and secure it with hair pins. Wrap your head with a silk bonnet to protect the wig while you sleep. It is also better to cover the pillow with a silk pillow case. Rinse the hair of the conditioner in the morning. Incorporate all these procedures into your night routine will keep tangles out.

Curly Lace Wigs Suggestions:

Buy Virgin curly lace wigs: Virgin human hair wigs still have their cuticles intacted with minimal processing. This is the best type of hair for curly lace wigs.
We strongly don't suggest to color the wig hair. Bleaching the hair before coloring can especially damage hair. When buying lace wig, choose a color that you will like for a long time.
Complete Deep Moisturising Treatment whenever you feel your curly wig is a bit dry. Moisturising treatments will revitalize a dry wig.

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